👋 Hey, I'm Simon

I use design and design-led investigative methods to try to understand and solve difficult challenges. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to work with brilliant people in education, play, health, and data.

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Selected case studies

Designing for trust with predictive prevention

A user-needs based discovery. Public Health England was interested in exploring the idea of combining health data with personal device data. They wanted help to understand how they might do this without betraying public trust.

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Driving innovation within LEGO’s product and marketing division

While working at LEGO, I used a design-based approach to innovation in order to craft, refine, and market-prove experiences that were "LEGO but never seen before".

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Some places I've worked

Our Future Health

Lead User Experience Designer (2021 - Current)

When I joined Our Future Health in August 2021, I was the first designer. My role is to embed design and design practices within the organization, create a team, and advocate for a user-centric approach. This includes a mix of design leadership, design operations, and hands-on design across products and services.

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Projects by IF

Lead Designer (2019 - 2021)

At Projects by IF, I advocated for and evolved our responsible design mentality while delivering high quality design solutions for our clients in our projects. This included translating client work into repeatable tooling and processes, such as frameworks, design patterns, and toolkits while managing a small—but talented—team.

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Design & Innovation Consultant

Intermittent (2012 - Current)

For over a decade, I have worked with organisations and individuals to support, lead, or inform their desire to innovate through design- and research-led ideation and techniques.

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LEGO Creative Play Lab

Design Manager (2018); Senior Designer (2016 - 2017); Designer (2015)

LEGO is continually and consistently looking to create experiences that are “LEGO but never seen before”. During my time within various innovation groups at the organisation, I led products and products that identified and explored a variety of strategic opportunities. This involved leading multidisciplinary teams to prototype and refine new experiences and products while co-developing and proving viable business models.

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Other notable works

Ty Segall's Manipulator - A web-based interactive music video

The Extra Hour - A LEGO + Audi collaboration for Design Miami 2016

Reality Ends Here - A pervasive media-making game

BMW/Mini Lifelogging app - Using data to enhance an interactive driving experience